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You have a choice, but your child doesn't

Do you know what affects a child's adjustment to divorce? Do you know the psychological tasks for children experiencing divorce and what children need from parents as they grow?

Divorce is hard on the children, and some children need special consideration if they are to survive the experience and enjoy a positive ongoing relationship with both parents.

Some children need help, to sail through the cycle of grief to accept the permanency of the divorce and adjust to the new families.  Giving children a voice helps them express their worry, emotions and concerns. 


My therapeutic session is a place devoted to children, where they can feel safe and protected when their parents’ fear and anger are likely spilling over their life.  Seeing myself as a child advocate, my job is to protect the well-being of the children I work with, so it is not uncommon that I address what is hurting the children rather bluntly.   


Asking for help is never easy.  Be courageous.  Together we can help your children adjust better in less time.  I am here to help you and the other parent develop a parenting partnership, with clear and firm boundaries that focus on the emotional, economic and physical needs of your children.


If you are considering using your children to get your ex-spouses back or gain the upper hand in finances, I am not a good match for you and you will be disappointed in my work as our values are vastly different. 



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