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Cogmed - Boosting Cognitive Capacity

(25 sessions,  course over 10 weeks)

What is Working Memory?


Working memory is the ability to keep information in mind for a short period of time and to use this information in your thinking.


It is a mental workspace that we use in many aspects of our everyday life, such as learning. One example of an activity that uses working memory is mental arithmetic. Imagine that you have to add together two numbers in your head without using a pen, paper or a calculator. First of all you would have to keep the numbers in mind using working memory. Then you would apply the rules of addition to these numbers and use the information to work out the answer.


Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based programme that enhances the working memory functionality. When used in conjunction with a qualified coach such as myself, Cogmed is particularly effective in helping children and adults, who suffer from attention problems due to poor working memory.  Working memory is a key cognitive function that has been proven to be fundamental to executive function and attention.


The Cogmed programme works for the brain much like a gym does for the body.  The computerized, cognitive exercises are designed by neuroscientists to target the brain’s working memory function.  The details of the exercise design allow for finely tuned, real time tailoring that ensures every user is pushed to the limits of their cognitive capacity – from a young child with severely impaired capacity to an adult in good cognitive shape.

Why do I need a coach?

Cogmed training is always supported by a Cogmed-trained coach. The coach makes sure the user has the right profile for the training, and that the timing is right. The coach is responsible for providing the motivation, support, and strategies necessary to get the most out the training. Thanks to the Cogmed coaches, 90% of Cogmed users complete their training.


What results can my child expect to gain from this?


Clinical studies have consistently demonstrated that, upon completion of Cogmed Working Memory Training, 80% of participants have significantly improved their working memory capacity. Furthermore, improvements in attention, classroom learning and reasoning ability have also been observed. These effects may not be visible immediately – some users notice effects immediately after training, while with others it can take a few more months for potential improvements to establish themselves.  Follow-up assessments have shown that improvements in working memory can be sustained and many users continue to improve on different skills related to working memory up to one year after training.


Duration of the course:  25 sessions in total. Around 40 minutes per sessions, 2 sessions per week at your own convenience. The training is demainding and can be quite draining, there will be a monthly phone or skype coaching to monitor progress and to make sure you do get the best of the progamme.


For enquiries or to book a  trial session, please contact me.

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