Always "Child First"

I work with each child according to their own unique character, conditions and circumstances.  I practice a child-first approach, putting the needs of the child or adolescent at the centre of the therapeutic treatment, whether conducted with the child, and/or parents.


Treating each child individually, at their own level and pace


My approach is based on the following fundamental principles:


  • every child is different in terms of personality, developmental stage, mental health and family/lifestyle circumstances

  • children respond best to treatment if engaged on a level that is developmentally and emotionally appropriate


Therefore, therapeutic assessments are often used to assist with planning and goal setting prior to treatment.

I firmly believe that developmental milestones are no more than a useful guideline. In truth, many issues that parents are concerned about in early childhood often disappear naturally as the child later develops, at his or her own individual pace. However, some issues certainly do need intervention and, in these cases, the earlier that professional advice is sought the better.

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