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Play Therapy Workshop - 12 September, 2013

Throughout the year,  World In Motion host informal events where parents are able to learn from a variety of experts in the field of education and child

development. Parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists are welcome

to join!


For this Parent Workshop, I will be speaking about the benefits of immersing your child in Play Therapy to support their social and emotional development.


Despite the common belief that individuals with autism are aloof and want to be left alone, many high functioning autistic adults and parents of autistic children have written about their longing, and constant struggle, for social interaction.


In this workshop, I will discuss how Play Therapy can address:

- Repetitive behaviour

- Impairments in reciprocal social interaction and symbolic play

- Avoidance of eye-contact or touch

- Joint attention skills

- Imaginative skills and motor planning

- Abstract thinking skills

- How to teach new behaviours through Play Therapy


For more information, or to attend the talk, please contact World In Motion.




7:30-9:30pm /
World In Motion, HK

2010 - present

2010 - present

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