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Effective Discipline Workshop - 4 August, 2013

How much discipline do you exercise as a parent and does it work for you and your children?


Many busy parents struggle with the idea of discipline for their children and want a parenting style that is more democratic than how they were raised. They want to be closer to their children, some parents avoid disciplining them, even adopting the dangerous notion of parent-as-friend.


In this workshop, I will be offering one-one-one consultations about “Effective Discipline” at SPRING. Each session lasts 30 minutes.


Learn how to establish rules and regulations within the home along with fair and consistent discipline. Give your children the best possible start in life, and raise them to become balanced, sensible, loving and independent.


For more information, or to attend the talk, please contact SPRING.




9:30am-5:30pm /

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2010 - present

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