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The internationally successful FRIENDS for Life program will be beginning in April 2015!


FRIENDS FOR LIFE teaches children aged 7-11 years old social and emotional life skills that strengthen resiliency and reduce the risk of mental health issues including anxiety and depression in later life.  Facilitator, Lora Lee, has witnessed first hand the impact negativity and lack of social skills have on children, and how the FRIENDS programme delivers deep and long-lasting changes.


FRIENDS is the internationally acknowledged programme working in the area of preventing childhood anxiety and promoting emotional wellbeing that delivers deep and long-lasting change in children. The program also promotes personal development – strengthening self esteem, enhancing self-awareness, encouraging problem solving and building and maintaining positive relationships with adults and peers. Each group is limited to seven children only, to ensure maximum support and contact for each child.


FRIENDS for Life will increase your child’s ability to: Recognize and regulate their emotions, thoughts and behavior; Establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships;Understand and empathize with others; Deal with stress through relaxation and self-regulation;Identify positives in themselves, others and life situations; Make constructive and respectful choices about their behavior and social interactions; andFace challenges, overcome difficult situations and learn to deal with such events positively in the future.


Parents will be informed of the skills taught in FRIENDS for Life sessions and advised on how these can be implemented and strengthened at home.


About the Facilitator: Lora Lee is a highly trained mental health professional specializing in child and pre-teen development. Her studies integrated and tailored evidence-based techniques to help children and pre-teens remove undesirable behavior/symptoms and psychological roadblocks that interfere with normal development.


She holds an MSc in Psychoanalytic & Developmental Psychology from The Anna Freud Centre in conjunction with University College London (UK). Lora trained in School and Social Service Setting and received her second MA from Roehampton University (UK), adding to her expressive therapeutic repertoire.


Lora is also a contributing Parenting Columnist for SCMP and an accredited trainer for the FRIENDS program.


For further information and RSVP for free information session (24th March), please contact me.

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